100 Hours to Mastery

Dr. Sankaran Message for WWR - II

More than two thousand homoeopathic students and practitioners from 43 different countries took part in Wednesdays With Rajan I (WWR-I)an 18-month course where Dr. Rajan Sankaran lectured from the basics of homoeopathy through traditional approaches to an overview of all the contemporary ideas and methods.

As a result of the overwhelming popularity, positive feedback and success of WWRI, Synergy Homoeopathic (formerly known as Kent Homoeopathy Associates) are pleased to announce the next season of Wednesdays With Rajan, Wednesdays With Rajan-II.

Wednesdays With Rajan-II takes the concept of online programs to a whole new level – from fundamentals to mastery. This program shows how the Sensation Method and other contemporary advanced methods are used in practice and is integrated with all conventional approaches in a harmonious synergy for much greater effectiveness in practice.

In Wednesdays With Rajan-II,100 hours of clinical mastery is offered. More than half of the talks are by Dr Rajan Sankaran. For the rest of the talks Dr. Rajan Sankaran is joined by twenty-three of the worlds leading homoeopathic practitioners, each bringing their own unique flavor to homoeopathic practice

Several illustrative cases will take the participants through all aspects of clinical practice including follow-ups, use of the repertory, study of the materia medica and acute situations

Advantages of Wednesdays With Rajan-II

  • The lectures of Wednesdays With Rajan-II can be viewed at the ease of the participant, in the comfort of their own home, at the time of their preference
  • While Wednesdays With Rajan-II is a 1-year program, the lectures will be available online for the participants to watch for 18 months
  • Wednesdays With Rajan-II will be an integrative learning forum, inclusive of all the different methods and approaches used by various schools of thought
  • Masters of Homeopathy and experienced practitioners from countries like India, Germany, Canada, UK, and the USA will come together to share their cases, views and experiences from their successful years of practice

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